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Jess has had a lifelong passion for helping others – whether they have two or four legs. Most that know her will say that she’s always had a special connection with nature & animals.

After years of traveling in the veterinary sales and training fields, she became aware of the astronomical levels of stress and fatigue experienced by people & animals and how those factors translated into physical and emotional states of dis-ease. Already practicing a holistic way of life, Reiki and energy work quickly became an area of interest for her and led to the creation of Three Tree Healing Arts.

Jess is certified in Reiki levels l, ll & lll and is a Third Degree Usui Reiki Master. Her specialties include Intuitive Reiki, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy and Chakra Balancing.

She has also created Three Tree Collective: A line of organic, Reiki-infused essential oil blends and aromatherapy mists.

Jess brings a passion for mindfulness and balance to her daily practice and would describe herself as an animal lover, nature enthusiast, adventure junkie and giver of good vibes.

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Animal Communication & Reiki I, II, & III – The Ideal Method 2016

Third Degree Reiki Master  – The Ideal Method 2016