Comprehensive healing to achieve the Balanced Pet

In addition to promoting overall health and well-being, treatments can help with a variety of ailments:
• fatigue/decreased energy levels
• anxiety/stress
• chronic or acute pain/injury
• grief/mourning
• postoperative rehab
• undesirable behaviors
• emotional stress
• palliative care
connection and healing between animals and their humans or other animals with whom they reside

All sessions include Reiki, Crystal therapy & Chakra Balancing

Full session: $70
Mini session: $45
*Travel fees may apply for in-home sessions outside the Greater Cleveland area

*Three Tree’s modalities are used for stress reduction, relaxation, and to facilitate healing. I do not diagnose conditions or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Instead, these services will complement any medical care your pet may receive.


Stephanie – Cleveland, OH

Jessica has been treating our cat for a variety of health issues, including lymphoma. He’s a stoic, sometimes withdrawn kitty but her treatments have transformed him into a new man! He absolutely loves seeing her and genuinely enjoys his sessions. He’s brighter, more active and friendlier than he’s been in years! Even his blood work has improved under her care. Jessica is compassionate, knowledgeable and very skilled. We can’t say enough good about her and look forward to having her treat our pets for years to come.

Debbie – Cleveland, OH

My greyhound, Sami, had just undergone a rear leg amputation for bone cancer and was in the middle of his chemo regimen when we were fortunate enough to meet Jessica and experience her gift of Reiki. I was skeptical at first but willing to try everything to give Sami the best life possible while he was fighting cancer. Jessica’s calm and compassionate attitude put us both at ease.
I was amazed at the benefits her Reiki treatments gave Sami. He was energized and happy. I couldn’t see the healing inside but I did witness a remarkable healing of a wound he received in an accident. Since he was still receiving chemo, the wound was very slow to heal. The next morning after our Reiki session, the wound had closed and was no longer seeping.
I am not sure who looks forward to our next session more, Sami or I. What I do know is that I am convinced that Jessica and Reiki have given Sami the best possible life after his amputation. He has had his 1 year anniversary post-amp and I know he could not have done this without the power of Reiki. Jessica not only understands animals, she respects them and works with them with love and compassion. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude.

Christy – Columbus, OH

Reiki has been extremely beneficial to both my dog Trigger and myself. Thru Reiki, Trigger has gained confidence and overcome her fear aggression with other dogs completely. With Jessica’s guidance, we adopted another dog that is just perfect for us and whom Trigger completely adores. Jessica is so in-tune with Trigger that she told us Trigger wanted another dog and literally spelled out for us what type of dog Trigger wanted. We followed Jessica’s guidance and everything has worked out beautifully. Jessica has taught me how to incorporate daily meditation into my life and I do so with Trigger each morning. Jessica gets 10 stars on the scale of 1-5 stars from us. Highly recommend.

Kim – NEO Greyhound Rescue 

We cannot say enough good things about Jess!  Her compassion for animals is immediately apparent and her calm, gentle ways put our “Nervous Nellies” at ease.  Jess’ touch is almost magical, but also guided by her extensive knowledge of Reiki.  She can truly communicate with animals and we have seen the positive results many times, both in distance and hands-on sessions.  Tracy Greyhound, Eva Podenco, the kittens, and equines Sassafrass, Joker and Daphne all benefited from her expertise.  Jess was able to pinpoint some problems and concerns that the animals had and helped us to help them.  We look forward to Jess’ visits and are truly grateful for all she does for the special needs animals in our Sanctuary. 

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