8 Major Animal Chakras (and what they mean)

Why should you learn about the Animal Chakra system you ask?

The chakra system is made up of a series of energy centers throughout the body that play an important role in an animal’s overall health & well-being. When imbalances or blockages occur in these energy centers, it can result in physical, emotional, or behavioral issues. Pinpointing and addressing these can bring the animal back to a state of balance and optimum health.

While there are said to be many more chakras in & around the body, the animal system is made up of 8 major chakras. Let’s start at the top & take a look!


💜 The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head

💜 It is associated physically with the skull & brain, cerebral cortex, central nervous system, and pineal gland

💜 The Crown relates to the “life force connection”

💜 Imbalances can manifest as grief, depression, disorientation (cognitive dysfunction), fear, separation anxiety, or general stress/tension.


🧿 Located on the front of the head, just above the eye

🧿 It is associated physically with the pituitary gland, ears, eyes, nose, and fur/skin

🧿 The Third Eye relates to insight & telepathy, the way animals communicate with each other. This particular chakra is usually very developed in most animals

🧿 Imbalances can manifest as concentration issues, hair loss, hearing loss, hyperactivity, skin allergies, or post-traumatic pain


💠 Located directly on the throat

💠 It is associated physically with the throat, thyroid, hypothalamus, & vocal chords

💠 The Throat relates to all aspects of communication & expression, as well as truth and wisdom

💠 Imbalances can manifest as excessive or lack of vocalization, metabolism issues, thyroid issues, or lack of discernment

*Balancing this chakra can help with communication between you & your animal as well!


💚 Located in the middle of the chest

💚 It is associated physically with the heart, thymus, respiratory system, circulatory system, and immune system

💚 The Heart relates to unconditional love and the human/animal bond

💚 Imbalances can manifest as anger, aggression, emotion-based behaviors, inability/reluctance to bond, arthritis, and blood disorders


⚫️ The Brachial Chakra is specific to animals, and is located above the shoulder blades

⚫️ It is associated physically with all organs & body parts

⚫️ The Brachial Chakra offers access to an animal’s entire energy field, as well as the other chakras

⚫️ Imbalances can manifest as instinct issues/confusion, weakness of spirit, or unhealed emotions


🔆 The Solar Plexus is located on the middle spine

🔆 It is associated physically with the stomach, gall bladder, pancreas, adrenals, liver, nervous system, and muscles

🔆 The Solar Plexus is the center of personal power, and relates to the sympathetic nervous system, the metabolism/digestive system, as well as emotions. It is the key center for physical communication

🔆 Imbalances can manifest as diabetes, GI issues, epilepsy, immune disorders, lack of confidence, obsessive behaviors, or nervousness

*These two chakras can work together to provide balance & confidence, and are especially important for nervous or anxious animals.


🧡 Located in the lower belly

🧡 It is physically associated with the sex organs, spleen, intestines, and bladder

🧡 The Sacral Chakra relates to all aspects of physical life force & vitality

🧡 Imbalances can manifest as hormonal changes, mammary gland issues, lack of confidence, low energy, or weakness/fatigue

*Balancing this chakra can be very helpful for animals as they age or experience changes & new situations.


⭕️ Located at the base of the tail

⭕️ It is associated physically with the kidneys, spine, colon, legs & paws, and skeletal system

⭕️ The Root Chakra relates to grounding, survival instinct, security/status, trust, and courage

⭕️ Imbalances can manifest as insecurity, fear-based behaviors, inappropriate elimination, and lack of trust

*This chakra is very commonly unbalanced, and one I work with quite often. Luckily, animals are very good at grounding themselves and getting back to balance!

Is your animal is experiencing any of these symptoms? Head over to the Services page to learn more about how chakra balancing can help!