How to use crystals in your home

Create a calm space filled with positive, healing energy for yourself and your animals!

Crystals have been an integral part of our lives for ages: everything from complex machinery & satellites to your watches & radios rely on crystals (quartz) to function. They are even found in our diets in the form of salt.

They have been used for healing for even longer. Native tribes from all over the world have used stones to predict outcomes of seasons, find disease in the sick, and to perform ceremonies & rituals.

Crystals are fascinating entities! Their beauty, colors, and forms have always attracted attention, but their value goes far beyond that. Formed in the various layers of our planet, these stones have all different frequencies, vibrations, and healing properties. 

So let’s take a closer look at how we can use them for healing with our pets & ourselves… to create a calm, positive space to reduce anxiety or fear, promote healing, and invite in good energy.

Most importantly: anytime you bring crystals home, Cleansing is the first thing to do!

There are many ways to do this, so pick one that resonates and works best for you. Crystals should ideally be cleansed every 1-2 months:

  • Smudge – sage*, palo santo*, incense, florida water
  • Earth – bury in ground or sand for 24 hours
  • Moonlight – set outside or on a windowsill for full moon bath
  • Others: sound , visualization, candlelight

*over-harvesting of these resources has become an issue, please buy responsibly or use an alternative

Once your crystals have been cleansed, you can place them throughout your home and in spots that your pet spends time. Here are some suggestions for ideal placement:

  • Front Entry – black tourmaline, hematite, smoky quartz
  • Living Room – blue lace agate, fluorite, obsidian
  • Kitchen – carnelian, amber, tigers eye
  • Bedroom – amethyst, selenite, rose quartz, lepidolite
  • Bathroom – sunstone, citrine, clear quartz

Then, simply sit back and soak it all in!

A few reminders on Pet Safety with Crystals:

  • NEVER let a pet lick or ingest a stone, introduce & observe to make sure they will leave the stones alone.
  • You can “hide” stones if necessary – keep them in a dish or drawstring bag out of animal’s reach.
  • place stones around pet beds, on windowsills, on shelves, etc.
  • and most importantly: BUY FROM REPUTABLE COMPANIES. Unfortunately, there are fake crystals out there and they can have potentially dangerous effects (think leaching chemicals, harmful dyes, etc.).

Choosing your stones is a personal experience…check out your local metaphysical shops and use your senses to pick the ones that speak to you. HAVE FUN WITH IT!

If you’d like to learn more about crystals & crystal healing, please visit the SERVICES page!