Canine Training

A Comprehensive Approach to Human-Canine Harmony

Combining training with energetic balancing provides a unique & effective approach to human-canine communication. By taking a panoramic look at lifestyle, nutrition, and other areas of each dog’s life, we can create a solid communication system that allows both you and your dog to live peacefully together and most importantly: HAVE FUN!
Taking a page from Mother Nature’s handbook, I use both rewards and corrections to communicate about behavior and environment. As in nature, this communication is conveyed with neutral and balanced energy. An array of aids including food, toys, affection, play, e-collars, slip leads, energy, and movement are used to communicate as effectively as possible, and allow the dog to make good decisions. Each dog is unique, and will respond differently to various training tools, therefore I intuitively develop unique training plans for each individual based on their needs.
Anything from basic commands & leash training to more specific behavioral issues can be addressed. Training is NOT just about the dog, the human plays a vital role in the process as well. As your trainer, I will be 100% invested in your success…but the real magic happens between you and your dog. If you’re ready to see what human-canine harmony REALLY looks like and are willing to commit to the process, then let’s get started!


4 weekly in-home sessions designed to teach foundational obedience (down/place, heel, recall, threshold obedience, leash manners, crate training, etc.) and address specific mild behavioral issues (minor leash reactivity, jumping, overexcitement, excessive barking, etc.). These sessions are tailored to your dog to ensure real world success.


4 weekly in-home sessions designed for puppies between the ages of 3 and 6 months old, or for newly adopted rescues. We address all of the basics: commands, potty training, crate training, and leash manners. These sessions will help you to create a healthy foundation for you & your new dog.


This is a more in-depth training program designed to prevent, eliminate, or significantly reduce more serious behavioral issues such as anxiety, aggression, resource guarding, etc. Based on the dog’s needs, this package will include 6-8 weekly in-home sessions or a board & train program.

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*Phone & email support are included in all training programs. Tune-up sessions ($100) are available to all Three Tree Canine clients that have completed a program.
**Training for multiple dog households will receive a discount per program/per dog.
***Travel fees may apply to clients outside the Greater Cleveland area.