Canine Training

A Comprehensive Approach to Human-Canine Harmony

Combining training with energetic balancing provides a unique & effective approach to human-canine communication. By taking a panoramic look at the elements of each dog’s life, we can create a solid communication system that allows both you and your dog to live peacefully together and most importantly: HAVE FUN!
Modeling my approach after the Natural World, neutral and balanced energy is used to communicate information about behavior and environment. An array of aids including verbal cues, rewards, and corrections are implemented to communicate as effectively as possible, and help the dog make good decisions. Each dog is unique, and will respond differently to various training tools, therefore I intuitively develop unique training plans for each individual based on their needs.
Anything from basic commands & leash training to more specific behavioral issues can be addressed. Training is NOT just about the dog, the human plays a vital role in the process as well. As your trainer, I will be 100% invested in helping you to achieve your goals…but the real magic happens between you and your dog. If you’re ready to see what human-canine harmony REALLY looks like and are willing to commit to the process, then let’s get started!


4 weekly in-home sessions designed to teach foundational obedience (down/place, heel, recall, threshold obedience, leash manners, crate training, etc.) and address specific mild behavioral issues (minor leash reactivity, jumping, overexcitement, excessive barking, etc.). These sessions are tailored to your dog and applied to real world situations and everyday life to set you up for success.


4 weekly in-home sessions designed for puppies between the ages of 3 and 6 months old, or for newly adopted rescues. We address all of the basics: commands, potty training, crate training, and leash manners. These sessions will help you to create a healthy foundation for you & your new dog.


A more in-depth training program designed to address more serious behavioral issues such as anxiety, destructive behaviors, reactivity, etc. Based on the dog’s needs, this package will include 6-8 weekly in-home sessions.

BOARD & TRAIN PROGRAM – $2200/2 week $3200/3 week

Our most comprehensive training program designed to prevent, eliminate, or significantly reduce more serious behavioral issues such as anxiety, reactivity, aggression, resource guarding, etc. In this program, your dog will stay with us for two to three consecutive weeks. In that time, we will introduce the ecollar and teach a foundation of basic commands, manners, and impulse control with consistent accountability and feedback. Our focus is introducing healthy structure and boundaries to promote a calm state of mind and help your dog to navigate our world with confidence. This program includes a midway session + a go-home session where you will learn how to maintain the training once s/he is home. An ecollar, training guide, and a follow up session are also included. 


Designed for non-local clients or those just looking for some extra guidance, the Virtual sessions can help address ongoing issues or questions that may arise. We will work to develop a plan and get you & your dog moving in the right direction. Calls are 30-35 minutes via Zoom.

*Once you join the Three Tree family, you are a client for life. We offer phone & email support, as well as follow-up sessions to all Three Tree Canine clients that have completed a program.

**Travel fees may apply to clients outside the Greater Cleveland area.

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Word on the street…

Susan & Kylo

Jess’ training skills are magic!  She provides specific, easy to use training tips that have transformed  and re-focused our dog’s energy.  Walks are so much more enjoyable now, and we have learned a set of techniques that can be used any time, anywhere. I only wish that we had found Jess sooner!

Elyse & Pepper

It is not an exaggeration to say that Jess radically transformed both my and Pepper’s day-to-day lives. Pepper was a an anxious, reactive, and LOUD ball of energy before Jess worked with us; and I was stressed and a little depressed that every day was such a struggle for us. Since working with Jess, Pepper looks to me for guidance, accepts my role as “pack leader”, and is an overall much calmer and happier dog. Jess was relentless with Pepper – not only in terms of having patience and holding Pepper accountable – but also in believing Pepper was capable of transforming and being held to much higher expectations. Jess worked Pepper through so many difficult situations and helped Pepper gain a lot of desperately needed confidence and impulse control. Jess also taught me how to detect early cues of reactivity in Pepper’s body language as well as how I can nip them in the bud before things get out of hand. We are now able to confidently go on walks and pass right by all sorts of dogs, people, vehicles, etc. that would have previously triggered Pepper and caused a huge scene. I am also now able to rely on her to calmly rest on place while I get work done in my home office without Pepper interrupting me during an important meeting, presentation, or while working on a tedious editing job. I enthusiastically recommend Three Tree Canine to everyone who compliments Pepper for being so well behaved while we are out on our walks, and I encourage anyone who is struggling with their dog’s reactivity, excessive energy, disobedience, etc. to do yourself a favor and let Jess show you and your dog how much more harmonious your life can be.

Ian & Walter

Can’t recommend Jess enough! She took our Walter from a rambunctious puppy to a curious well mannered pup in just a week! We received a ton of good information for us to work with him including a schedule and training plan, and she continues to help us when we have questions. So excited to keep working with her to get him ready for some more advanced training!!!

Kaitlin, Dave, & Kiwi

We had an excellent experience with our training. Our dog, Kiwi, loved Jess and has improved immensely within a month. She now listens to commands, and is adjusting well to her new regimen. We’ve learned the skills we need as well, so we can continue to work on commands and behavior. She has come such a long way in a short time, and we will be back for additional training soon! Definitely would recommend, it was a positive experience for all of us.

Melissa & Topaz

Jessica created a personalized plan for my dog Topaz, who is very reactive. Jess is very empathetic and gives special attention to her needs, (and mine!). After 6 weeks of in-home training, Topaz is much better with my other dogs, as well as calmer and less distracted on walks by other dogs. Her plan, along with follow up worksheets and energy balancing, have helped Topaz to improve so that she is much happier and secure at home and outside. Thanks Jessica!!